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Gingham Blanket

Gingham {insert all the heart eyes}

This has to be in my top 5 favorite blankets I've ever made.

A long long time ago...I don't even remember sister-in-law sent me a picture of a blanket similar to this and said if I ever had the time she wanted one like this. Well about September of last year I started thinking hmm I need to start buying Christmas presents for family so that I can just enjoy the holiday season and not be stressed about it all. As I was trying to think of ideas for my SIL I remembered she had told me she wanted a black and white gingham afghan so I went and bought the yarn and got started on it.

I thought it would take me up until almost Christmas to finish it but as I got about half way through I realized that if I made it the length the pattern called for then it would be a very very long afghan so I stopped short. It still made a decent size - 53x57 approximately

I strayed from my Hobby Lobby yarn :( because I needed it quick and I didn't have any plans to be close to one. For this I used Red Heart in Black, White and Grey Heather.

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