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Cotton Granny Stripe

In 2019 a close family friend contacted me. She had some pieces of crochet and enough unused yarn for a blanket that had belonged to her grandmother and her mom. She wanted me to see if I could put the complementary pieces together to make blankets and then to also crochet up the yarn into a blanket.

I had never used cotton yarn for a project that I can remember so I told her that I would do my best. I am super happy with how this came out. It turned out to be approximately 51x48.

This was an old yarn and I was unable to find it for sale anywhere around me. It was called Yarn Industries, Inc. Cotoneux Petite Slub in colors - Sea Blue, Sea Green, Rose, Cork, Scoured, and the orange color I didn't have a label for so I'm unsure on it.

The Border is just hdc

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