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Jessie's Mouse blanket - C2C Blanket {Pattern}

**update** there is now a pattern located below! I hope you enjoy it (it is the pattern with "Jessie" on it.  If you find any mistakes or have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you!

You can find it below or here is a link to a Google Drive document. 

Here is a graph of the blanket WITHOUT the name. I'm sorry but I do not have it written up without the name.

After seeing my TeePee C2C Blanket (post coming) on my Facebook page, I had a lady contact me about making her daughter one that had a girl mouse on it. So, I of course said "Yes! I'd love to"....after searching the internet for a corner 2 corner pattern I came up with nothing so, I started brainstorming for a pattern. The following is what I came up with. 

It is actually a pretty big blanket compared to my other C2C's. It is around 41" square. 

I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn (of course! It's my favorite!)  The colors are Hot Rose, Black and Greymist. 

Be on the lookout for another graphghan that I came up with soon!

 See the pattern below! 

Jessie's Mouse Blanket

Hook - I/9 5.50 mm

41" Square Without Border

Border - 2 rows of SC.

Abbreviations -

ch - chain

sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

G - gray yarn

B - black yarn

P - pink yarn

This is done in the Corner-To-Corner (c2c) style. I have a

free pattern at my website - for a c2c blanket.

This pattern starts in the bottom, right corner and works

diagonally up to the top, left corner.

1. 1G

2. 2G

3. 3G

4. 4G

5. 5G

6. 6G

7. 7G

8. 8G

9. 9G

10. 10G

11. 11G

12. 12G

13. 13G

14. 14G

15. 15G

16. 16G

17. 17G

18. 18G

19. 19G

20. 20G

21. 21G

22. 22G

23. 23G

24. 5G, 5B, 14G

25. 13G, 8B, 4G

26. 4G, 9B, 13G

27. 13G, 10B, 4G

28. 4G, 11B, 3G, 3B, 7G

29. 7G, 5B, 1G, 12B, 4G

30. 4G, 19B, 7G

31. 7G, 20B, 4G

32. 4G, 21B, 7G

33. 7G, 22B, 4G

34. 5G, 21B, 8G

35. 8G, 22B, 5G

36. 5G, 22B, 9G

37. 9G, 22B, 6G

38. 6G, 14B, 1P, 7B, 10G

39. 10G, 7B, 2P, 13B, 7G

40. 7G, 13B, 3P, 6B, 11G

41. 12G, 5B, 4P, 12B, 8G

42. 8G, 12B, 5P, 5B, 12G

43. 13G, 4B, 5P, 12B, 9G

44. 9G, 12B, 6P, 3B, 14G

45. 14G, 3B, 6P, 12B, 10G

46. 11G, 11B, 7P, 2B, 4G, 1P, 10G

47. 10G, 2P, 4G, 1B, 7P, 12B, 11G

48. 12G, 11B, 8P, 4G, 2P, 11G

 start decreasing

49. 9G, 1P, 1G, 2P, 3G, 12P, 7B, 12G

50. 12G, 6B, 12P, 4G, 4P, 8G

51. 8G, 3P, 1G, 1P, 3G, 12P, 5B, 12G

52. 12G, 4B, 7P, 8G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 6G

53. 5G, 4P, 1G, 2P, 9G, 7P, 3B, 12G

54. 11G, 4B, 7P, 7G, 1P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 3P, 5G

55. 5G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 7G, 6P, 5B, 10G

56. 10G, 5B, 6P, 6G, 3P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 5G

57. 6G, 2P, 1G, 4P, 6G, 5P, 6B, 9G

58. 8G, 7B, 5P, 5G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 5G

59. 5G, 1P, 2G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 6G, 4P, 7B, 8G

60. 7G, 8B, 4P, 4G, 1P, 2G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 6G

61. 5G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 4G, 3P, 8B, 7G

62. 6G, 9B, 3P, 3G, 3P, 1G, 4P, 5G

63. 5G, 3P, 1G, 4P, 3G, 2P, 9B, 6G

64. 6G, 9B, 1P, 3G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 5G

65. 5G, 1P, 2G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 5G, 8B, 6G

66. 6G, 7B, 4G, 1P, 2G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 6G

67. 5G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 5G, 5B, 6G

68. 7G, 2B, 6G, 2P, 2G, 4P, 5G

69. 5G, 3P, 1G, 1P, 1G, 2P, 14G

70. 14G, 4P, 1G, 2P, 5G

71. 5G, 1P, 2G, 3P, 14G

72. 11G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 6G

73. 5G, 4P, 1G, 3P, 10G

74. 9G, 4P, 1G, 3P, 5G

75. 5G, 2P, 1G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 9G

76. 11G, 2P, 1G, 1P, 5G

77. 6G, 2P, 11G

78. 11G, 2P, 5G

79. 5G, 1P, 11G

80. 16G

81. 15G

82. 14G

83. 13G

84. 12G

85. 11G

86. 10G

87. 9G

88. 8G

89. 7G

90. 6G

91. 5G

92. 4G

93. 3G

94. 2G

95. 1G

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